Recent work

Recent work has included a wide range of educational materials for maths and science for the English and Scottish markets at primary and secondary levels.

In 2021, we’ve been doing increasing amounts of work on online projects. We started the year with some of the early work on Pearson’s GCSE Maths Everest project. This is a complex series aiming to make the most of different delivery mechanisms to allow the widest possible range of use, from teacher-mediated in-class access to autonomous independent student access.

In an exciting extension of our usual work, we have been working on a major collaboration with Collins and Area9, delivering adaptive learning at KS3 and GCSE across maths, science, geography and history. Area9 have an advanced AI platform which uses intelligent probes to develop individual student learning profiles. This is combined with Collins published content to produce a unique product, currently undergoing trials in selected schools across England. We’ve been at the heart of this, reviewing and revising existing content, and developing new content to enhance the learning experience for the widest possible range of abilities. This has involved collaboration with Collins staff in London and Glasgow, and Area9 project managers and learning engineers in Malta, Denmark and assorted global locations. Like much of the rest of the working world, we’ve spent a lot of time in video meetings!

For York Press, we have been developing the online elements of their blended international Global Corpus project, writing a suite of assessments, worked example video and practical video scripts and summary presentations for Years 10, 11 and 12 physics.

We haven’t left print products completely, having been involved with the development of Pearson’s International Baccalaureate Maths textbooks, and with our old friends at Bright Red on a series of revision cards for Scottish N5 Maths and Science.