Project management

As experienced publishers, we’ve seen most things. We know how to make projects work, and we also know that plans don’t always run smoothly, particularly with complex projects.

We believe a key element of successful project management is effective communication, to ensure that everyone has a shared understanding of the project aims.

Effective project management often involves balancing the constraints of time, cost and quality to ensure the best possible outcome. As successful publishers, we have a good understanding of the best ways to achieve that balance.

If you have publishing or communications projects, we can help with:

  • managing projects from initial conception, concept testing, through writing, development and production stages, to pre-press files ready for publication
  • project scheduling and budgeting
  • identification, commissioning, briefing and management of suppliers – authors, editors, designers, illustrators, photographers and typesetters
  • management of project team members and suppliers to ensure timely delivery of project components.